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NCLBGC Requirements
Making Up Annual C.E.
Archiving My GC License
C.E. Credit Submittal
Completion Certificate
8 Hours of C.E. Annually

Every Year: 2-Hour NCLBGC Mandatory + 6 Hours of Elective Courses 

In order to renew your General Contractors lincense in North Carolina at least one qualifier for licensees in the license classifications of Building, Residential and Unclassified must complete 8 hours annually by  November 30th, of every year

Per the NCLBGC, providers are not allowed to offer any continuing education classes during the month of December.
What happens if I forgot to complete my C.E.?

See below how many hours you need in addition to the current year's 8 Hours:

Missed 1 Year = Previous Year Mandatory +  6 Elective Hours.
Missed 2 Years = Previous Year Mandatory +  12 Elective Hours.
Missed 3 Years = Previous Year Mandatory + 18 Elective Hours.
Missed 4 Years = Not elgible to renew unless archived. If archived, then same as missing 3 years.

You may carry up to 4 Hours of C.E. to the next consecutive year.
Don't plan on using your license but don't want to fully forfeit it, then archive it!

License Archiving Rules:

1. Prior to renewal, email the board that you wish to archive your license.

2. By archiving you will not be required to complete annual C.E. hours.

3. While archived, your license will be in inactive/invalid status and you will not be able to use the license to conduct business as a licensed GC.

4. You MUST request each year to place the license to inactive status, and you are still required to complete the license renewal form and applicable license fees (based on the license level). 
How does my C.E. credit get submitted to the NCLBGC?

We submit directly to the NCLBGC all C.E. credit that you complete with us.

The NCLBGC requires all providers to sumbit a qualifier's fully completed C.E. credit within 7 days of full completion. Though this is currently a manual process (and not automated), know that we submit a few times per week.

Click the red button on the right to access the NCLBGC's Licensee / Qualifier Portal (NC CLiC) to verify completed C.E. credit or to renew your NC GC license.
What happens after I generate my certificate of completion within your course?

Great Job!  Now wait at least 7 days for your credit to process with the NCLBGC before trying to renew. 

You do not need to send your certificate of completion to the NCLBGC, unless they directly and specifically request it from you. 

The Certificate of Completion that generates from each respective course / bundled courses is for your records only. 

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