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Top Notch Presenter

  • Lead instructor/presenter Robert “Bob” Therman has been building since 1975. He has completed over 500 single-family residences, including his own 154-lot development from 2000-2009.
  • Also well versed in commercial building techniques, he has completed a wide array of projects varying from multifamily apartments to a computer mainframe server center to military barracks to restaurants to gas stations.
  • His experience has spanned multiple geographies across the country–from MI, OH, IL, GA, CO, SD, and this beloved state of NC. Regardless of your existing construction focus or desired area of expertise, there will certainly be something of value from Bob.
Thank you so much for delivering an awesome class on Saturday. I am very impressed by the depth of the knowledge and care you took to deliver the content in our class. You have really made a great impact in my learning.

I will definitely encourage others to take your class and mentorship in the future. I will also be coming back next year to take my CE Class.

Dhaval A. 

 Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

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A printer is not required for most courses; however, if you choose not to print your certificate of completion(s), then be sure to save it somewhere safe where it can be retrieved again.

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