Better Job Site Productivity - 4 Hrs. C.E.

Discover the desires and technical processes of managing employees, supervisors, and subcontractors' involvement throughout the construction process. See a prominent way to become an efficient and successful builder. The methods presented can be applied across the gamut, regardless of your organization's size or years in business.
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Productivity-based Content

4 hours of C.E.

Resumable Videos

15 Total Videos

Productivity Formulas

9 Different Examples


1 Certificate

Why complete job site productivity?

  • 4 Hours of C.E. Credit
  • 1 Certificate
  • 4 Main Lessons
  • 15 Videos
  • 9 Applicable Formulas

Zero-in on Efficiency

  • Great productivity is absolute key, as strong competition, smaller profit margin, and the chance of slight errors can wipe out profit.
  • Understand how to eliminate unproductive tasks.

Better Understand Your Team

  • Cover job site and labor productivity.
  • Discuss motivations of supervisors and laborers (journeymen) and ensure they are being employed in a rewarding manner.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Bob Therman

Lead instructor/presenter Robert “Bob” Therman has been building since 1975. He has completed over 500 single-family residences, including his own 154-lot development from 2000-2009.

Also well versed in commercial building techniques, he has completed a wide array of projects varying from: multifamily apartments, computer mainframe server center, military barracks, restaurants and gas stations.

His experience has spanned multiple geographies across the country–from MI, OH, IL, GA, CO, SD, and this beloved state of NC. Regardless of your existing construction focus or desired area of expertise, there will be something of value from Bob.
Patrick Jones - Course author