8-hour SDL series

8-Hour Zoom NC General Contractor C.E. Session - Wednesday 8/31/22

This is a live Synchronous Distance Learning session via Zoom Webinar. No required questions or quizzes to pass. Total and complete attendance required for full credit.

Why the one day 8-hour Zoom session?

  • Full Annual 8 Hours of C.E.
  • 2-Hour 2022 Mandatory NCLBGC Course
  • Direct Access to Your Certificate of Completion
  • Instantly Download Course Documents & PDFs
  • Complete ALL Annual Requirements in 1-day
  • Instant Access to Zoom Class Link via Registration

Knock Out Everything in 1 Single Day

Do you procrastinate or dread completing something that is required that you don't truly want to do or feel you have the time to do?

If so, then this live synchronous distance learning class session is probably the best option for you.  Ensure that you fulfill your required annual 8-hours of Contining Education for your NC-based General Contractors license renewal all in 1 day.

Live Interation

We are in construction for a reason.  We like to interact, conceptualize and get busy with our hands.  Being that the case, typically we appreciate a hands-on touch versus dealing with an inanimate or artificial object.  If this happens to be you then this is probably the best class for you to complete.

You will be able to interact with lead instructor Bob directly in real-time, and immediately get your most pressing questions answered. 

What classes are  included?

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2021 NCLBGC Mandatory 

As of 2020, the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractor’s (NCLBGC) requires all licensed contractors to fulfill either a live synchronous webinar, asynchronous e-Learning, or in-person 8 hours of continuing education, including this mandatory 2-hour course. Licensees will be debriefed on important laws, statutes, rules, and regulations mandated by the NCLBGC.
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Hiring in Construction

Having an issue finding or keeping great talent? This class will give you insight on where to look and what to look for in talented construction workers. This course with take you through the entire hiring process and will give industry specific processes that will help you grow and maintain the most important element of your business--human capital. Get the talent you desire. We will discuss where you should look for talent and learn what talent is looking for in an employer. 
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Better Job Site Productivity

The purpose of this course is to preemptively address homeowner/commercial client concerns’ before the construction portion begins and after the work is finished. It will consist of contractor due diligence, licenses, references, and explore one of the most important steps in creating a trusting environment. Furthermore, we will touch on preconstruction service agreements, notices, addendums, and change orders that should always be discussed upfront.
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Increasing Profits & Success in Construction 

Is your back-office the most proficient it can possibly be, or are you struggling to keep it all together? There is a lot that goes into running any business, especially one in the field of construction. More than likely there’s always a business fire to be extinguished [e.g. disgruntled customer(s), unique employees/subcontractors, lawsuits, compliance, etc.); but let’s narrow in on the matters that can be controlled. In today’s time, being proactive is so mission-critical to organization success and longevity.
Meet the instructor

Bob Therman

Lead instructor Robert “Bob” Therman has been building since 1975. He has completed over 500 single-family residences, including his own 154-lot development from 2000-2009. Also well versed in commercial building techniques, he has completed a wide array of projects varying from multifamily apartments to a computer mainframe server center to military barracks to restaurants to gas stations. His experience has spanned multiple geographies across the country–from MI, OH, IL, GA, CO, WY, and this beloved state of NC. Regardless of your existing construction focus or desired area of expertise, there will certainly be something of value from Bob.
Patrick Jones - Course author